&I Replacer feat. Feather - Until the Sun Nicolas Dominique\'s Clouds Remix

&I  Replacer feat. Feather - Until the Sun (Nicolas Dominique's Clouds Remix)

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Дата релиза: 2016-11-04

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Текст песни:

Hey talk to me, my name is Rainbow, could be
That you will find the best of friendship in me
Why don't we take some time, forget your sorrow
Just us until the sun comes up tomorrow
I promise it's not just you who sometimes gets lonely
And I really think you're such a special pony

So let's fly away, we'll go wherever you want
Now I've got you let me show you what is meant by loyalty

Well won't you
Tell me your name, I think I've seen you before
And always looking so lonely, it's so hard to ignore
So come on
Won't you be friends, it should be easy to do
Because I think you will find I'm not so different from you

They all say
'There goes the girl who's just as bold as her mane
And boy oh boy can she fly, puts everypony to shame'
If only
deep down inside it didn't feel like a lie
The more attention I get the more I just want to cry

I want to
Tell you a secret, it should be no surprise
I only act like I do because I'm trying to hide
The fact that
Confidence can be hard to come by at all for me
And if I look down, I feel like I'm gonna fall

This isn't
Easy for me but I can see that you're sad
And I just can't pass you by because I'd fe-el so bad
I know you
Don't think I'm kind and that's no fault but my own
But I will give up my wings before I leave you alone

Видео &I + Replacer feat. Feather - Until the Sun (Nicolas Dominique's Clouds Remix)
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