Eva Longoria - Без названия

Eva Longoria - Без названия

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Дата релиза: 2016-11-22

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Yo, I'm Eva Longoria
And this is my storia
one sweet homegirl
who comes from Astoria.
I'm latin, thighs like satin
I'm here to host,
I ain't doin no chatting.
I'm a latte,
On a hot day,
Fast and cheap like Maserati.
But when I'm talkin'
Let me make it clear
Pay attention boys, yo my eyes are up here
I'm a queen
Eeee, I am the host,
And any time I want
I can order french toast.
Yooo. Anytime. Not all day.
They have to make it for me.
That's right
Cause I'm a host

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